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Gigdraft is a dependable, rapid, and flexible writing and consultancy platform for all your needs. Our over 100 proficient, supersonic writers and consultants across the world are perpetual and will always be available at your service. Our team will not render it just the way you like it, but they will present it in a better form than you loved it. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree (or HND, AA, AS, AAS) in any field
  • Undergraduates with sound experience may be considered
  • Excellent proficiency in either MLA, Harvard, APA, CPS, or CMS formatting.
  • Top-grade integrity
  • Accessibility to a reliable plagiarism software
  • Superb referencing skill
  • Excellent Research Skills.
  • Flawless command of the English, Spanish, Arabic, or Portuguese language (one or more of the four languages)
  • Exceptional grammatical knowledge
  • Remarkable knowledge of vocabulary
  • Applaudable commitment and responsiveness
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Professionalism, Ethicality, and ability to listen and absorb criticism
  • Adeptness in his/her chosen area of expertise

Side Benefits

Gigdraft offers a high level of flexibility to all its writers. Therefore, as a Gigdrafter, you are privileged to:

  • Be part of the 10% successful application
  • Work alongside other top writers across the globe
  • Choose your expertise
  • Choose a task based on your expertise
  • Write anytime, anywhere, and any day
  • Write on a range of subjects
  • Speedy payment

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