Privacy Policy

This page addresses the privacy agreement existing between users of and Gigdsraft Global. This page provides information about how your data is collected, used, and preserved. If there is an unaddressed privacy issue in this policy, please contact support immediately. Please note that we might decide to update these policies at any time with or without your notice.


We may collect some personal details to identify you. These details may include but are not limited to your name, address, picture, internet protocol (IP) address, payment and bank details, date of birth (DOB), billing address, and phone number. In case we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, we may require your statement of account and other applicable verification documents that could help our investigation. Please note that services are not open to users under eighteen years of age. Therefore, Gigdraft Global or will not knowingly request personal data from users who are under the age of eighteen. or Gigdraft Global shall therfore not be held responsible for any underage-related issues.


For the referral program, we may collect information about the referrer and/or the referral recipient. Gigdraft Global or, therefore, reserves the right to use this for identification’s sake and the improvement of its services and enhancement of its referral program. We also reserve the right to collect information about you from a third party to compare and determine your genuineness and the authenticity of the information you supplied. This shall be applicable in all other cases.


For an excellent experience on, we may employ some services of third-party websites or tools to enhance our services. This might include but is not limited to email webservice, SMS API, website security, device-specific APIs, etc. To deliver quality services to you, therefore reserves the right to share some of your details which are required for the efficiency of these features. 


We may request non-personal information such as your country, zip code, reviews, your opinion, ratings, username, and suggestion. These details are not personal and cannot be used to identify you. Statutorily, you are not obliged to submit any of these details or abide by any of our terms and agreements. However, contractually, you are obliged to adhere to our terms and agreement. Similarly, you are also under the obligation to provide these details to improve the service we render and promote the safety and sanity of the platform.


We employ cookies to improve the services we render to you. The cookies we collect are sole to enhance the user experience. This means that we use cookies to give you an excellent web experience while on our platform. We do not sell or disclose personal details or information obtained via these cookies.


All information supplied while filling your order is securely stored on our server. This also includes messages and emails exchanged between clients, admin, support, and team members. Team members do not have the right to tamper or use this information for any other purpose aside from the specific order in which it was provided for. In addition, team members shall be held fully accountable and might face legal action for any leakage of information regarding clients’ orders that might occur as a result of their negligence or carelessness with their passwords. Similarly, clients shall be fully responsible for any leakage of information that occurs from their end, either as a result of weak passwords or acts of carelessness.


While we maintain the integrity of our website and our drafts, to ensure our team members are delivering the top services they are charged, we might monitor data and communications between clients and team members. Please be informed that team members and clients are prohibited from sharing their personal contacts via the message feature. If there will be a need for an alternative mode of communication, please request the team member’s official email address. The official email address must contain extension. Gigdraft will never permit any team member to use an email address other than this. Therefore, clients should alert the support when a team member goes against this policy.


Except you specifically request the removal or deletion of certain information from our server, every detail you supplied will be stored for quality services sake. Be informed that or Gigdraft Global reserves the right to delete or reject the deletion of some of these details with or without your notice.

3.      SECURITY employs advanced technologies for the security of data. However, no information on the internet can be certified 100% secured. Therefore, the security of information supplied on shall not be 100% guaranteed and we shall not be held responsible for any harm that you might incur as a result of using our services. Notwithstanding, we shall do our possible best to maintain your security and keep you against known threats.

4.      PHISHING

Phishing is an act committed by cyber criminals in order to steal your personal information and funds. Please ensure you verify the sender of every information you received. Make sure the sender is from by checking the extension of the email address We shall not be responsible for any loss that occurs as a result of phishing. If you notice any act of phishing or impersonation or phishing, please contact our support immediately.