Revision Policy

1. Every draft is entitled to revision. Clients can request the revision of their drafts, and every of our team members must adhere to their demands. Clients have the full right to demand the revision of their drafts up to 5 times. However, this has to be done within 3 days after the uploading date.

2. If after the five revisions, a client is not satisfied with the draft, the order shall be assigned to a different writer for revision.

3. The new writer shall review the draft up to 2 times. If this draft is finally accepted by the client, the writer shall forfeit 30% of his or her earning to the new writer who reviewed the draft.

4. If the client happens not to be satisfied after the second two reviews, he or she will be required to provide a rough draft which shall be used for a final draft.

5. The second writer shall use this for a final edit and after this, there shall be no appeal and no request for revision shall be granted.

6. If the revision request reaches stage 4 and 5, the first writer shall forfeit 50 to 70% of his or her earning to the second writer.

7. Any writer that fails to comply with this policy or honor review request shall lose his role and might need to forfeit his or her earning in the system. 

Please note that the greatest crime a writer can ever commit on is plagiarism. Thus, when this occurs, such a writer or team member's account will be disabled regardless of his or her earnings. Please note that crimes against intellectual property cannot be appealed. Finally, as a team member, if your draft is found poor beyond revision or slight edit, we will be compelled to withdraw the task and assign it to a new team member. In this case, since your draft is considered of no value to the client, you will be deemed underserved of any reward.