Bundles of paperwork! Overwhelming office or schoolwork! Unbeatable Deadline! Insufficient time!
These are all why Gigdraft is your best Online Creative Writing Platform.

A content-writing website such as Gigdraft is home to exceptional writers, lawyers, lecturers, researchers, and professors with world-class skills, providing top writing services to anyone around the world.

Gigdraft does not exempt its services against a certain race, nationality, or ethnicity.
Everyone, regardless of their identity, is given a place at Gigdraft while prioritizing utmost respect. Gigdraft is a top choice for the working class, students, and all classes of people in society.

Why Gigdraft is the best online creative writing platform?

Gigdraft, the best online creative writing website, is a dependable, rapid, and flexible writing and consultancy platform for all your writing needs.

It renders a large number of services, including Academic Writing, Admission SOP, Book Writing, Blog Writing, Business Plan Writing, Tone Business Names & Slogan, Case Study, Content Writing, Copywriting, Data Entry, Drama, Email Copy, Essay Writing, Internet Research, Letter Writing, Legal Writing, LinkedIn Profile, Lyrics Writing, Medical Writing, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, SEO Writing, Visa LOE, Visa SOP, White Paper Writing, Wikipedia, User Agreement, Terms of Service, Transcription, Reference Letter, Research Summary, Project Management, Proposal Writing, RFP Writing, Report Writing among many other.

Content writing website like Gigdraft for Writing Services

Figure 1: Why Choose Gigdraft? World's Best Writing Website

These services are offered by Gigdraft-Online Creative Writing Platform excellently to all clients.
To ensure the sustainability of exceptional services, Gigdraft integrated a Review feature that helps client express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the services they have received. This proves how much Gigdraft is willing to go to ensure its customers’ satisfaction.

On the other hand, with over 100 active writers who are exceptional and adept at what they do, there are so many choices for you as a client.

In a nutshell, Gigdraft enforces quality content and even goes the extra mile to please its clients.

Why you should choose Gigdraft as your best online creative writing website?

Qualified Writing Experts
Statistics prove that less than 10% of potential team members who apply for the post of a writer on Gigdraft only get accepted. This shows how much length the agency goes to ascertain that only qualified experts who are skilled in content writing and academic research are given a place on the team.

Gigdraft goes deeper into assessing and training writers within the first 3 months of their acceptance. This is another effort it takes to provide the best services to every client as the Best Online Creative Writing Platform.


Gigdraft are top professionals for content writing jobs
Figure 2: Gigdraft operates a well-coordinated team

Moreover, all orders, regardless of the cost, are accorded a high level of importance. Hence, even when you place an order of $1.5, Best Online Creative Writing Platform 2022 still ensures that you get the most qualified writer or writers to process such an order.

These experts are so respectful and will always be delighted to serve you. They believe they are around to please you. They also operate on a world-class level of professionalism that you will not find in many writing agencies today. Procrastination is not in Gigdraft’s dictionary.

All its writers and overall team members of Web
content writing services will not and will never tell you “Let us make it tomorrow” or "We’re sorry, something came up". You will never find that among the best writing service provider staff. The deadline you fill in your form will always stick. Gigdraft and its team will never take you for granted.

What if you are told that your order is handled by a celebrated expert in your work field?
This is the beauty of Gigdraft. An order that requires the knowledge of engineering will never be assigned to a
team member who is actively practicing journalism. Never!

That will never happen on an Online Creative Writing Platform like Gigdraft. The administrators of Gigdraft peruse your order and assigns it to a prosperous expert who is adept enough to adequately process your order.

Gigdraft Provides Solid User Experience

Could you have imagined that a quality service such as what Gigdraft offers could be accessed in just 3 steps? Yes!

In just three steps, you will have your draft. Your order would be complete. So straightforward than you will ever find anywhere else.


How to order on this Writing Platform?

To order on Gigdraft, the first step is Signup or Calculate your order. After signing up, Click on New Order and Create your order.

In Step 2 of Gigdraft, the world’s best writing platform, before you proceed to payment, there is a section tagged Instruction.

In this section, you are required to input every detail, preference, and information you think the writer or team member that will be assigned to you should know.

The Instruction Section also expects you to input everything that should be mentioned or discussed in your draft or order.

There is also a section called Attachment in Step 2. Under the attachment section, you are expected to upload other relevant documents that could give the writer or team member an understanding of the project.

This might be a guide and curriculum vitae. You can upload up to 2 distinct attachments.
It might also be the grading rubric that your tutor made available to you as a guide. From step 2, you can proceed to Step 3, which is where you make payment.

Pay for your order using either Bitcoin, Paypal, or Paystack. These payment methods are available to you anywhere in the world.

I mean, regardless of where you are or live, you can place your order using either Paypal, Bitcoin, or Paystack. They were payment gateways developed to ensure that you place your order effortlessly.

Once all these 3 steps are completed, just proceed to My Orders. This is where you can track the progress of your order. There is a Message Feature on Gigdraft-Best Online Creative Writing Platform.

This is where you communicate with your writer or the team member working on your project.
Each time you message the team member, he or she receives an email notification.

Therefore, you are always bound to receive an instant response from the team member assigned to you. This is the same when you are the one sending the message.

You will also be notified by email of any message or delivery of your order. Gigdraft, a creative writing platform, for students and working professionals, is more customer-centered than you can ever imagine. Therefore, you can always rest assured of the best.

Reviewal Opportunities on Gigdraft, the best online content writing website

What if you received your draft and somehow, discovered that something is missing? Unfortunately, some writing platforms would never fight for their clients.

However, on Gigdraft, when you are not satisfied, Gigdraft will stand in for you. What do I do when I’m not satisfied with a draft on Gigdrat?

When you are not satisfied with a draft, you can easily click on
Request for a Revision before clicking on Accept or before accepting the draft.

When you request a revision, the writer will be pleased to reexamine and provide a revised version of the draft.


Gigdraft is a world's writing website for personal statement and assignments
Figure 3: 95% excellent ratings

The revision request will also attract the attention of the Quality Assurance Department of Gigdraft. Therefore, if the writer finds it difficult to serve you, the Quality Assurance Department will be glad to assign your order to a different writer who will expedite it beyond your imagination and provide you with a more suitable and perfect write-up.

This is called secondary reviewal. Secondary Reviewal on this Online Creative Writing Platform is when a different team member is assigned to revise a draft under review.

While secondary review rarely occurs on Gigdraft, we have 2 separate departments that handle Secondary Reviewal cases.

The first is the Quality Assurance office, which is automatically alerted when you request a revision. The second department is Support. This is how far you can escalate a Reviewal Request.

To escalate a reviewal request which you feel the Quality Assurance Department and your initial assignee or writer cannot handle, you should please contact support or just email support directly. When you do this, all relevant departments will be contacted and your order and satisfaction become a major priority of Gigdraft.

Pricing and Fees of Online Creative Writing Platform

How much does Gigdraft charge?
Do you believe Gigdraft charges one of the lowest fees you can ever find anywhere else?
Gigdraft charges less than $0.0031/word for most of its services. Could you imagine that? With just $0.0030, you can
place your order on Gigdraft.

Despite all the qualities that it offers, the platform still ensures that all users and clients find its services accessible. Gigdraft creates an avenue where everyone, either male or female, can attain a well-written draft that will beat what other competitors charge more than x10 of it for.

The rich and those tagged poor are welcome to Gigdraft. The two categories of people will be treated as honorable who are indeed worthy of honor.

What makes Gigdraft different? Unlike other agencies, Gigdraft charges no extra fees.
Some agencies would even charge you for posting a job and still charge you excessively to hire a top writer within their organization or platform.

But, on this Best Online Creative Writing Platform, you can access even the busiest writer without the need to pay an extra fee. But, how affordable are Gigdraft’s Consultation Fees?
Gigdraft does not publish its consultation fees.

However, the fees Gigdraft charges for consultation of any kind are usually well-enriching and affordable compared to what you can get anywhere in the world. What is Gigdraft’s mission?

The system is designed to produce quality content written by content-writing professionals and writers. The platform delivers writeups that are not only presentable anywhere in the world but that can earn you a round of applause.

When you present the draft that you receive from Gigdraft, you earn the respect of others because your draft will always attract favorable attention.


Have you ever tried to contact a support system of an agency or company and you are faced with a bot? Imagine! This could be hurtful and frustrating sometimes, especially when you have an urgent situation.

Do you know Gigdraft does not use a bot? On Gigdraft, there is abundant staff enough to attend to your quarries almost immediately after they are sent in.

Even the slightest question you present to Gigdraft support is never left unattended. Emails and
Customer Quarries are often treated with a great level of gravity. This proves that no client is deemed unimportant on Gigdraft.

They are seen as wonderful people who found Gigdraft worthy of trust. Gigdraft, on the other hand, works to ensure that no client is ever disappointed.

Why is Gigdraft so Special?

Unlike freelance websites where you will have to look out for yourself. Sometimes, you will hire a freelance writer who probably copied and pasted a proposal for your job, Gigdraft looks out for its client.

The agency does not only leave its client to battle with uncertainty. And you wonder why is that.
As an Excellent
Online Creative Writing Platform Gigdraft is aware of how draining and frustrating it could be when you have a short deadline and a particular freelancer or writer who initially claimed to be an Einstein suddenly seems confused and dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, the deadline is fast approaching. This is what people suffer from on freelance websites and other writing agencies.

However, on Gigdraft, your order or assignment is originally assessed by administrators and assigned to a team member who is well experienced in what your work or order entails.

Do you know what is more special about Gigdraft? Do you know what is more special about Gigdraft? Most revisions are done and still completed within the initial delivery duration.

This is almost unattainable anywhere else, but with an adequate number of qualified staff enrolled on Gigdraft, this has been made possible.

Fun Facts About Gigdraft

  • Quality contents
  • Zero discrimination. This is irrespective of the cost of your order
  • You are never on your own
  • Gigdraft is customer-centered
  • Gigdraft prioritizes support
  • Flexible Pricing and Extremely Low fees
  • You feel safe and relieved, knowing that Gigdraft would stop at nothing to offer the best.
  • Originality is promoted and encouraged on Gigdraft.
  • On-time delivery

But, of all these, how confidential is Gigdraft? Gigdraft employs the latest technology.
Therefore, information or details submitted on Gigdraft are kept
confidential and secured.
The platform ensures that no detail of a client ever leaks out to the public.


The security of Gigdraft, the writing services website, is top priority

Figure 4: With Gigdraft, you are bound to access optimal security

When you are dealing with Gigdraft, you can be assured that the agency is 100% more interested in meeting your needs and fulfilling your wants than you can possibly think of.

When you are in need of the world's best online creative and content-writing platform, there is no better destination than Gigdraft.